Money safety tips

Try not to carry all of your valuables in the same place. If you’re traveling with a companion, make sure each of you has some cash and a credit card on hand in case you’re split up or one of you is robbed. If you’re alone, keep a backup credit or debit card in a separate pouch from the one you’ll be using most often. Some travelers carry a dummy wallet stuffed with an expired credit card and a few bills to toss on the ground as a diversion when confronted by thieves.

While most valuables should be safely hidden away, you may want to keep a small amount of local currency in a separate pocket or pouch where it’s easily accessible; that way you’re not flashing your cash each time you want to make a purchase.

Another good tip is to make two copies of your passport, driver’s license, credit cards, ATM cards and any other important documents you might be carrying. Leave one copy at home with someone you can reach in an emergency. Keep the other set with you in a safe place separate from the originals. Another option is to take a photo of your documents and keep them on your smartphone (which should, of course, be password-protected).
Since your ATM card is a direct link to your financial savings, guard it at least as carefully as you would cash or other valuables. Visa offers these tips for ATM safety:

– Make sure that no one waiting behind you can see you entering your PIN number.

– Be sure to take your ATM receipt with you.

– Be aware of your surroundings. If the machine is poorly lit or in a hidden area, use another location.

– Don’t count your cash or rummage through your personal items while standing at the ATM.

– If you are using an indoor ATM that requires your card to open the door, avoid letting anyone come in with you that you do not know.

– If you lose your ATM card, immediately contact the financial institution that issued it.

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Based on Independent Traveler article.