About us


Happy Iguana Company℠ focuses on the development of programs that seek to directly help people raise their incomes and standards of living.

We promote environmental integrity, social justice and economic development of the local communities. We value meaningful connections with local people that help better understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues.

Our goal is to make positive contribution to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage of Mexico.

Kasia is a licensed tour guide who values importance of continuous education. Native Polish, she also speaks English and Spanish.



Guia de turistas general NOM-08-TUR-2002. Licence number: N009194.

Company operated by Iguanafeliz SA de CV. Licence number: 08165118.

Company registered in National Registry of Tourism (RNT).

Tourist services provider. Travel agency. Licence number: 04230080286

Completed Courses:

  • Manejo de grupos turísticos para temas etnográficos de Quintana Roo / Management of Tourist Groups for Ethnographic Topics in Quintana Roo.
  • El papel de la mujer en Mezoamerica / The Role of Women in Mezoamerica.
  • Historia y arqueología del México independiente / History and Archeology of Independent Mexico.
  • Reptiles de México / Reptiles of Mexico
  • Historia y prácticas de etnobiologia en México / History and Practices of Ethnobiology in Mexico.
  • Pasado y presente de la medicina indígena de México / Past and Present of the Indigenous Medicine of Mexico.
  • Comida divina: el maíz magueyes aguamieleros, pulque y aguacates, cacao y vanilla, chiles / Divine Food: Corn Agave, Pulque and Avocados, Cocoa and Vanilla, Chilis.
  • La muerte entre los mayas / Death among Mayans.