Happy Iguana Company℠ was a dream long before it was born. Hosting of all kinds of events at work, and traveling the world in her free time always was what Kasia enjoyed the most. She speaks several languages. She traveled over 100 000 miles, and four continents. Before deciding to have her home in Mexico steps from the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, she made sure she knew how to defend herself in case of close meeting with a polar bear in the Arctic. Originally from Poland Kasia studied psychology at the University of Warsaw.

Over the years Kasia learned to understand and love different cultures. Applying her extensive experience she built this unique place which brings to her guests the best the destination has to offer, with respect and help to the local community. Kasia started to dance Cuban salsa some years ago. Soon it became her passion, which she has been living, enjoying and sharing every day.


Happy Iguana Company℠ is operated by Iguanafeliz S.A DE C.V. Licence number: 08078555.