Cenote Tour

The Yucatan Peninsula is characterized by its mainly limestone bedrock. The porous bedrock does not allow for fresh water to accumulate above ground in forms of rivers and lakes. Instead, rain water filters through the perforated rock and collects underground. At times, the bedrock destabilizes and it collapses creating a cenote.

There are different types of cenotes. Some are deep and narrwo, some are shallow and wide. they can be semi-open or entirely cavernous. For ancient Mayas cenotes provided year-round access to fresh water. They were vitally important for the survival of the local population and were embedded into the religious belief system. The Maya believed cenotes to be a gateway to Xibalba, the underworld, and the god of rain, Chaac, was believed to live there.

The tour:

Cenote swimming and snorkeling. For certified divers we offer private cavern tours.

What to take with you:

Sun protection, swimming suit, towel. Additional snacks and water.

Price includes: transportation from / to the hotel, entrance fees, mask, tube and life jacket, guide, a bottle of water.

Price does not include: beverages and tips.